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  • Do you like to change your car frequently but worried about high settlement values?
  • Don't want to committ to 2 or 3 year finance plans?
  • Long term hire cars are too expensive?
  • Not sure on how strong your business will be next year?
  • High early settlement values on your finance plan mean you have to "stick it out"?


We have the answer that you've been looking for!

We have developed with our lenders, a unique way of running a new car for a short term.  We can lease-hire you a new car for a monthly payment as if you are starting a regular 3 year finance plan.  However, after a few months you can have the option to switch your car into another make or model and just pay the difference in the monthly payment!

Flexibility is key.... You could be driving a new Mercedes Benz E250 Convertible for the summer and a BMW X3 in the winter!

With the bouyant purchasing and disposal methods available to us, we have the facility for you to chop and change at will. Where else can you get that kind of flexibility?


Minimun length of lease-hire, monthly mileage agreements will apply

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